Allow us to introduce ourselves.
We are Kim and Kathrin Schädlich and promise you beauty, happiness and success. Welcome to our world of media design, artwork and illustration.

The first brushstrokes on your start-up canvas.

Don’t let your treasure stay buried — mark your X on the digital map.

Make sure you always have the right weapons in your networking arsenal.

Say tschüss to stock images. Invest in individual, inimitable, imaginative illustrations.


eine Figur springt mit Hilfe einer anderen Figur aus einer Box. Vor ihr fliegt ein Kolibri, der wiederum Anflug auf eine Kohlrabi Pflanze nimmt

Your brilliant idea is waiting to grace the global stage. Do you want to offer a product or service but are not entirely sure how best to package it?

The right design can highlight the uniqueness of your product. We will create a concept that will leave your target group wrapped around your little finger.

We create the core elements of visual communication for you. Using these building blocks in a continuous and targeted manner will ensure your product will always be recognisable.

• Logo creation
• Colour and image concepts
• Typography 
• Corporate design manual


collage und Zeichnung. Ein Dinosaurier der Feuer spuckt und ein Bamby im Arm hält

You want your web visitors to stay and have a browse around, just like in a cosy little shop. For this, it’s imperative that the site design and layout are crisp, clean and engaging.

Embrace your uniqueness and show the world with a truly individual online presence!

Responsive Design: Visitors also browse your website on smart phones and tablets.

We work with a content management system that allows users to manage contents themselves, so you remain independent and can regularly update your site with new posts.The system is very easy to use and we will show you how in a private session.

• Your Website
• Basic search engine optimization
• Advertising with social media
• Illustration, photography and text
• Great teamwork



Isn't it nice that there are still things you can touch, that are real and tangible? Tangible things aren't easily forgotten. Plus they offer the perfect, versatile canvas for printing your logo, images or texts.

Captivating typography and high-quality reproductions of images on matching paper convey much more than just information. Your company's image is influenced by the quality of the paper of your business cards.

• Business documents
• Flyers
• Brochures
• Posters
• Give aways
• Just about anything

zwei gezeichnete Hühner. Das Eine hält eine Visitenkarte in der Hand


einer kleiner Junge wird von einer großen Hand gehalten und betet. Zeichnung und Collage von Kathrin Schädlich

Your illustration is a work of art, something that adorns only your advertising or packaging. It will be remembered. 

• CD covers
• Posters
• Literature
• Scientific texts
• Visual presentation of facts and figures

When images and text converge on a page, the first thing people notice are the images. Images are easier to process and much more entertaining. An illustration can capture the entire text. And it´s fun!


auf einer Hand steht der Papst. Illustration und Zeichnung von Kathrin Schädlich